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Medicine Open Access Initiative

Who We Are
  • MOA-I is a project of the Institute of Asian American Adult Development (IAAAD) established in 2014 as a non profit organization to address the issues of unaffordable and inaccessible lifesaving medicines for poor people. 
  • MOA-I is a group of scientists and professionals who advocate to free the barriers to medicines for public health.  
  • MOA-I is a team that believes in equitable health care access for everyone.
  • MOA-I is an independent and international organization that needs ongoing supports and collaborations to keep its door open.    
What We Do 
  • We search for better solutions to provide affordable life saving medicines, where policy and regulatory barriers left millions of poor with  inadequate  or no medicines.
  • We support humanatarian interventions by coorperating with local organizations already at work on the issues. 


To improve the quality of health for low-income patients by ensuring equitable access to life-saving medicines. 


Where We Work

  • We work with our partners around the globe who are working to give people the same opportunity to live healthy regardless where they live. 
  • Our work is patients' needs-driven, not for-profit organization focusing on poor patients who cannot afford essential medicines. 
  • Help the  world's poorest and most vulnerable patients.
  • Open gate to access essential medicines. 
  • Promote public health policy and regulatory solutions.
  • Ensure equitable access to quality of health. 

Our latest news:

  The forgotten patients


.Free Hepatitis C drugs for poor people
The neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are the most common infections of the world’s poor.  Only few people know about these diseases and why they are so important and how they devastate the poor, essentially trapping them in a vicious cycle of extreme poverty.

IAAAD is 501c(3) non profit organization  
​Contribution is tax-deductible